Your guide to MBA concentrations

Your guide to MBA concentrations

So you want to get your MBA; an ambitious and rewarding endeavor. When people think of going to the business school, they think the MBA program is just a simple business class; Another way to learn to be a businessman. In fact, it is much more than that. Although the core courses in the MBA program are designed to introduce students to different fields of activity, they have the opportunity to progress into a concentration area focusing on about a quarter of their studies in it.

While in some cases a wide range may be useful for job search, a specialized MBA degree makes you unique in business and better suited for a particular niche. Picking a concentration can be difficult without any background information. Thats why were going to look at what some bring.


The skills taught in an MBA Accounting program will be applied directly at the workplace. In fact, the value of a qualified accountant is not only important to businesses, it is important. This concentration is designed to give professionals in accounting an understanding of concepts and skills that are crucial to todays accounting practices. Although auditors are required in all companies, they are valued especially in financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Accounting MBA Majors are also primary candidates when choosing CFOs, financial directors and staff auditors, who all earn an average income of over 70,000 dollars. The Bureau of Labor forecasts 22% growth in this area in the next decade.

Personnel - Organization management

A concentration in personnel and organizational management provides a study on human resource management. Students analyze the most effective ways of recruiting, selecting, training, placing and developing human resources in organizations. Business Manager now acknowledges that their employees are the most valuable assets in any organization. In order to fully utilize this access, proper management is required, which implies a growing need for human resources. Those with great interpersonal skills and patience in managing people are encouraged to drive this area. The students will prefect their ability to perceive talent and apply it to the companys well-being. A personal manager of private companies will earn an income of over $ 100,000.


MBA with a marketing concentration is designed to give professionals in the market industry a deep understanding of the concepts and strategies that are important for marketing and branding a product or service. Students will also focus on how process research data goes to marketable data, and understand consumer behavior and competitors. Because consumers get more control in executive business decisions, marketing has gained more and more value in organizations. This also resulted in a significant increase in competition, which means that a marketing MBA degree can give you a definite edge over the rest. Career in this area is: Advertising and PR, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager (earning more than $ 120,000 this year, it has to be tempting)

Health Care Management

For those who have a desire to enter the medical field and help people but do not want to see blood on a daily basis, care management is the field for them. The MBA with the Health Care Management concentration is designed to provide health care professionals with an understanding of the concepts and skills necessary to effectively manage healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics and even retirees. Students will learn about laws and policies related to care. Students learn to analyze the effects of these policies on healthcare providers and the overall healthcare system. Unfortunately, healthcare is an area of ​​constant growth - because people get sick, which means that more and more hospitals will continue to emerge, and more doctors and healthcare professionals are needed. The average salary for healthcare managers is over 70,000 dollars.

International business

The most successful companies are internationally renowned and manage partners from all over the world. Companies are now looking for managers who can handle business in their own country and translate it easily between different cultures. An MBA with a concentration in International Business provides students with the education and skills they need to advance in this field, giving them the edge over others. The course focuses on communication - the most important part of cross-cultural teamwork, and also offers education in foreign languages. Students who complete this concentration will be more attractive to potential employers operating in the global market. Because its such a flexible field, its a good choice for those who want to double your head. PR executives earn more than $ 100,000 a year.

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